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Master Jermaine James

Head Coach


Master Jermaine James is the Head Instructor at International Taekwondo Academy in Cape Coral & Head Coach of the International Taekwondo Academy Competition Team. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Master Jermaine began Taekwondo at the age of 5 under Master Allan Silverberg & Grandmaster K.C. Chung.  A 2007 high school graduate with over 25 years of Taekwondo experience, Master Jermaine currently holds a 5th Degree Black Belt. Over the years of training he has studied the art of Olympic Style Sparring, participated in many competitions & earned many titles during his career. He is currently the 2020 USA National Team Coach of AAU Taekwondo, 2006 USA Taekwondo Junior Male Athlete of the Year award winner, 3x USA National Team Member, 7x AAU National Team Member, and a 6x Gold Medalist at the USA National Championships. Having Dual Citizenship through his mother, Master Jermaine was offered the opportunity in 2010 to fight and compete for the National Team of Switzerland. Since making the switch he has become the 2010 British Open Bronze Medalist, 5th place at the 2011 World Taekwondo Championships in Gyeongju, South Korea & qualified to become part of the 2012 Swiss Olympic Team and the runner up for the 2012 London Olympic Games, all in the -58kgs category. While still in training every day, his goal is to make the Olympic Team and compete at the Olympic Games. His passion for teaching not only gives him the opportunity to help students become champions in sport and life, but also to help people build their dreams into a reality!

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