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2020 AAU Certified Referee

2019 AAU Certified Referee


2021 USAT Grand Prix Series Silver Medalist (LIGHT HEAVY)

2019 Michigan Midwest Taekwondo Championships Bronze Medalist (LIGHT MIDDLE)

2019 USAT Texas Cup Bronze Medalist (LIGHT MIDDLE)

2019 Florida Taekwondo Team Member (LIGHT MIDDLE)

2019 AAU National Championships Bronze Medalist (WELTER)

2019 USAT Georgia State Bronze Medalist (WELTER)
2019 USAT Florida State Bronze Medalist (WELTER)

2019 AAU Florida State Champion (WELTER)
2019 AAU Gold Coast Bronze Medalist (WELTER)​


2018 USAT State Bronze Medalist (LIGHT)
2018 AAU State Bronze Medalist (FEATHER)

2018 Southwest Florida Taekwondo Championships Bronze Medalist (WELTER)
2018 Hero Fight League Champion (WELTER)


2017 ATU National Champion (MIDDLE)

2017 USAT State Champion (MIDDLE)

2017 AAU State Champion (MIDDLE)

2017 Hero Fight League Champion (MIDDLE)

2017 Florida Taekwondo League Team Member (WELTER)

2017 ESPN International Martial Arts Festival Silver Medalist (MIDDLE)

2017 Michigan Midwest Championships Silver Medalist (WELTER)


2016 ATU National Champion (LIGHT)

2016 USAT State Silver Medal (MIDDLE)

2016 ATU State Silver Medal (MIDDLE)

2016 Puerto Rico Open Champion (MIDDLE)

2016 ESPN International Martial Arts Festival Champion (LIGHT)

2016 Taekwondo Grand Prix IX Champion (LIGHT)

2016 Hero Fight League Silver Medalist (LIGHT)



2015 Hero Fight League Champion (MIDDLE)

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